Door Security Upgrades

Deadbolt Lock

If you don’t have a deadbolt lock on every entry door in your house, you should. Yes, the lock that has the push-button lock in the doorknob is easier for you. It’s also easier for an intruder. And when you’re looking at deadbolt locks, keep in mind that the most efficient ones have a “throw lock,” meaning a metal extension at least one inch long that goes into the doorframe.

Sturdy Exterior Door

The doors themselves should be sturdy and strong. Hollow core wooden doors are meant for bedrooms or bathrooms – not for the exterior door.

Steel is nice, but expensive. A solid wood door is good. Beware of those attractive doors with pretty windows. They can be invitations to intruders.

It’s just too simple and easy for an intruder to break the door window with a rock, reach in and unlock the door.

Of course, this is not going to happen if the only window in the door is far too high for anyone to do any reaching inside from it.

Solid Door Frame

Your door’s frame is as important as your door. If the frame is old or rotted, it’s an invitation to intruders. Be sure the frame is as strong and sturdy as the door. This includes side doors, back doors and basement doors, as well as the front door.

Internal Door Hinges

If any of your doors have hinges on the outside, remove the door and change the hinges so they are on the inside. That will discourage an intruder who otherwise invites himself in by knocking out the pin in your exterior hinge.

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