Window Security Upgrades

Window Lock

Make sure every window in your house has a lock, and is locked unless there is a reason to leave it unlocked for a limited time – and make sure the time is indeed limited.

A further quick-and-easy deterrent comes into play when you are installing the window lock. Liquefy some solder and pour a few drops on the heads of the lock screws. The result will be a screw that is not going to easily unscrew for an intruder.

Window Sensors

There are devices called window sensors, which can be installed on each window. They will sound off if the window is jimmied, broken or forced.

Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors let you know if a window is broken. They are sensitive to the sound of breaking glass – not to other normal household sounds.

Window Camera

You may already have a camera installed on your door(s). But cameras can also be installed to focus on windows, especially those that are more accessible such as first-floor or basement windows.

And if those cameras are too expensive, “pretend” cameras are much lower in price and still do a good job of discouraging intruders.

Bushes Near Your Windows

In case you love gardening and landscaping, make sure the bushes and shrubs near your windows aren’t growing so well that intruders could use them as cover for their break-in attempt.

The same goes for doorway plantings. When burglars could hide in them while trying your door, it’s time to prune – severely.

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